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XTC Dive Center |  Bird & Nature Watching in Chetumal BayBIRD ISLAND

A magical 5 hour nature watching trip! You will stop to snorkel at different locations in the ocean and the Bacalar Chico River. Once you enter the Bay of Chetumal, you will travel through ancient Mayan canals that were once part of a trade route. You can stop on one island and see an abandoned antique steam engine (nobody really knows where it came from or what it is doing in the middle of Chetumal Bay). Also, you may visit the canons from a Spanish galleon that was stranded during a hurricane. Your final destination is a small island where many rare species of birds nest. This trip allows you to see the diversity of ecosystems that surround Xcalak- if you are really lucky, you may even spot a manatee!!!

 5 Hour Bird Island Trip  Prices per person  (USD)
 2 to 3 snorkelers
 4 to 8 snorkelers


KAYAK XTC Dive Center San Pedro Belize day-trip

A Kayak is the perfect way to explore the shallow reef portion between the shore and the barrier reef, as well as the multiple mangrove, river and lagoon habitats along the coast. We have gained a lot of experience in running kayak trips from our partnership with the Island Expeditions Company.

We offer guided kayak trips as well as kayak rentals. We have single and double kayaks. A free lesson is included in kayak rentals.


 Guided kayak trips  2 to 3 people (per person)
 4 to 8 people (per person)
 2 hour kayak trip
 $35  $30
 3 hour kayak trip
 $40  $35
 5 hour kayak trip
 $70  $60


XTC Dive Center San Pedro Belize day-tripsan pedro trip

Enjoy a day trip to neighboring Belize! Ambergis Key is just a few miles south of Xcalak. San Pedro, the bustling metropolis at the south end of the key, offers a bit more "civilization", shopping, and restaurants. The scenic boat ride takes about 1 1/2 hours each way.

This trip is $385 USD for 1-4 passengers or $90 USD per passenger up to 8 passengers (8 passengers maximum). ALL taxes in Mexico are included. Immigration fees in Belize not included (usually $20 USD per person during weekdays plus $50 USD for the boat to split amongst passengers, weekends are usually double).


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Xcalak is located just over 1 mi north of the Mexico Belize border and is separated from Ambergris Kaye by a narrow mangrove river. For years people in Xcalak had much more contact with San Pedro town, on the southern end of the island, than with mainland Mexico. Come take a day trip to Belize with one of our captains. If you wish, they are more than glad to show you around. All of them are lifelong visitors (and sometimes onetime residents) with relatives on the island that can help you get the “local experience”


For more information about events and things to do in San Pedro visit the SAN PEDRO SUN website.
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