Tec Deep Diver Package

In Tec Trimix Diver training, you will learn advanced decompression theory, including the effects of helium as a breathing gas, complex logistics and problem management at extreme depths, extensive decompression requirements and stress management, how to handle multiple-stage cylinders, even more precise trim and buoyancy control, and much more.

Training to become a fully certified Trimix Diver takes a minimum of 7 training days and includes two modules: Tec 65 (Normoxic Trimix) and Full Trimix (Hypoxic Trimix).

Student(s) must meet all prerequisites, including at least one stage decompression dive to 40m / 130ft or deeper within 6 months prior to training, and must also bring a Medical Statement with a physician’s approval (dated within the previous 12 months) stating they are fit for diving.

7 days of training including classroom sessions, confined and open water dives, materials, cylinder rental, air fills for shallow training dives / confined water sessions, certification fees, 8 nights accommodation based on double occupancy, breakfast at The Coral Bar & Grill.

Not included
Gases - O2 and Helium will be calculated based on actual usage, equipment rental, lunch and dinner, drinks, gratuities, transfers to and from Xcalak, additional training days (if applicable).

Tec Trimix Diver