Welcome to XTC Tec Diving in Xcalak, Quintana Roo, the last town on the Mexican Caribbean coast, on the border with Belize. XTC Tec Diving is a division of XTC Dive Center dedicated exclusively to Technical Diver Instruction and guided diving within the Xcalak Reef National Marine Park and the Chinchorro Banks Biosphere Reserve, both Federal Marine Protected Areas offering some of the best diving this side of the world.

XTC Tec Diving offers Technical Diving and Instruction up to and including hypoxic Trimix at both diver and Instructor levels; on sidemount and backmount. We are one of very few completely self contained Technical Diving operations in the region. We own and operate our own state-of-the-art gas blending station with booster pump; as well as a large selection of tanks, including double 80´s and 100´s, 300 BAR DIN valve stages (80´s and 40´s), matched sidemount tanks; a large stock of top of the line Apeks Technical Diving equipment for rental and full time, dedicated staff.

Contact us and let us know about your Tec Diving needs and we will put together an individualized program for you to learn or dive at your own pace. XTC Tec Diving´s approach to teaching and diving is all about helping our customers become competent, confident divers by developing their diving skills and mindset through mentoring and instruction using the most up to date programs and teaching techniques. Our instructors enjoy wide industry recognition and are always improving their own skills and continuing their own education and furthering their experience.

With our infrastructure and experience we are able to offer top notch training and diving experiences for Tec Divers of all skill levels, at very competitive price levels. Xcalak and Chinchorro offer some breath taking Technical Dive sites. The continental shelf is located 200 yards from the Xcalak coast, allowing us to be able to dive to 400+ ft on a beautiful reef wall (that goes to 30,000+ ft) after a 15min boat ride and do all of our deco stops on the reef.

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